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Dining in Corfu

You can go for dinner in one of the many restaurants of the city and try the local traditional dishes.

The famous narrow alleys of the old town of Corfu are full of cafes and restaurants waiting to welcome their visitors and offer them all kinds of coffee, delicious snacks, or some of the local specialties.

The cuisine of Corfu is unique. 

Apart from that, for those in favour of more traditional tastes, the island is full of restaurants offering traditional Greek, and also Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, and French cuisine.

Under the arcades of Liston in Espianada square, can be found a lot of cafeterias and is the ideal place to drink a coffee, enjoy an ice cream, try the "Kumquat" (a delicious liqueur made of tiny Japanese oranges (kumquats), and "ginger beer", a reminder of the British period, as well as the excellent white and red wines of Corfu which are produced in great variety.


Corfu by night, for party lovers!

Corfu, as one of the most cosmopolitan islands of , offers to the visitors a very active nightlife. Apart from the movie theatre, "Orpheus", which offers family entertainment, the Island satisfies every taste all year long. Ideal for a first drink is any Café in the Liston, or at one of the numerous little bars spread around the Old Town. Libro Doro together with Launch cafe, they have changed the flow of the crowds that used to go straight for Emporiko.

For a quick snack, or a delicious crepe, check the new place, called Hot stuff @ Kapodistriou 28 (Espianasa square) a few meters after Launch cafe, direction to Base and Hook bars. For a better meal, try the traditional taverna Yannis in Garitsa bay, or the Venetian Well, locate it in Plateia Kremasti. (small square up from Old Harbor, behind Greek Orthodox cathedral)

After midnight ahead to the Emporiko. You will find it after passing the new port. There you can find lots of Café-Bars, where you can have a quiet drink before heading to AuClub. The island's young crowds, also mixed some times, prefer the new club 54 in Emporiko !


Galea and Whispers in Gouvia, Edem, and Tartaya in Dassia!

Some other going to buzzy and must visit Ipsos night clubs! The entertainment is not limited to foreign music bars. "Electron and Sodoma" is two of the music places which play Greek music.