Corfu town


Corfu town, ( Kerkyra ) the capital of the island, has a population of approximately 40.000 people, and is the centre of the political, cultural, and economic life for the inhabitants.

It is the most important town of the prefecture of Corfu, and as a result, is the central location of most public and government buildings. These include financial institution, court houses, hospitals, consulates, etc.

The public transport service is very useful, with buses running to nearly every village, town, and beach on the island. From the central port, there are daily ferries to the Greek cities of Igoumenitsa and Patras, along with ferries to the Italian cities of Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, and Venice.

There are several places of interest in Corfu town.

Both the Old and New Fort hold historical significance, as these fortifications helped the Venetians and Corfiots overcome the several sieges on the island from the Ottoman Turks.

Perpendicular to the Old Fort is the Museum of Asian Arts, which handles hundreds of artefacts from ancient and contemporary Asia. Also a very interesting Museum it’s the Archaeological, next to Corfu Palace Hotel.

Don’t forget to visit the church of Agios Spiridonas, the Monastery of Platitera, the Palaces of St. Michael and St. George, the town Hall, and the old Corfu town.

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