Getting here

Getting to Corfu Greece – how to get to Corfu

By plane

Airlines services operate to and from Corfu Island with most major European cities. British Airways, Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Swissair, KLT, LOT, Malev and many more Airlines Companies, operate several Flights Charters every day , to and From Corfu Island. Low cost airline, Easy jet, have made easy and most of all cheap for everyone to flight to Corfu.

From Athens International Airport,Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines flights daily to the Ioannis Kapodistrias Corfu airport, all year round. Flight time is 55 minutes. The trip takes an hour and costs around 160.00 euro return. There are also flights from Thessaloniki every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The airport is 3 km away from Corfu Town and Olympic Airways buses, or taxis can transfer the passengers.

By Ferries

There are ferries every hour to and from Igoumenitsa on the mainland about an hour away. Most people get to Corfu by coming from Brindisi, Bari, Ancona, Trieste or Venice in . The trip from Brindisi is about 9 hours. Ancona is about 16 hours and Venice around 30 hours. There are several different ferry lines that compete. Most of the boats are pretty nice, especially the new ones owned by Strintzis, Minoan, Superfast and Anek.

These same boats continue on to Patras which takes 10 hours and then return. If you are going by deck then you can buy your ticket when you get to . But if you want a cabin or have a car then it is best to book in advance. You can buy tickets leaving Corfu from any of the agencies on the Island. There is also ferry service from Patra to Kerkira.

The distance is 132 nautical miles, while the trip lasts approximately 9 hours. There are daily buses to Patra (leaving from the Bus Station at 100 Kifissou str., Athens) and there is a daily train (leaving from the Peloponisos Train Station). The distance between Athens and Patra is 213 km and the trip lasts 4h, 30 min. For more info:

By Bus

From Athens to Igoumenitsa by bus, then from Igoumenitsa to Corfu Island or Lefkimi resort near Kavos ( South of Corfu ) by Ferry-Boat. There are daily departures from Athens Bus terminal (KTEL, 100 Kifissou str., Athens) to Corfu. Tickets are about 30.00 euro and should be bought in advance if you want to be assured of a seat. The distance from Athens to Igoumenitsa is about 500 km and the trip lasts 7-8 hours. From Igoumenitsa you must take the Ferry-Boat to Corfu Town or Lefkimi. The distance is 18 n.m., and the trip lasts 1h 45min and 1h 30min.

Tickets are about 6.00 euro per persons and 35.00 euro for Cars. There are also daily departures from Thessalonica Bus terminal to Igoumenitsa. The trip from Salonica to Igoumenitsa lasts about 4 hours. Tickets are about 50.00 euro. From Igoumenitsa you must take the Ferry-Boat to Corfu Town or Lefkimi. The distance is 18 nautical miles, and the trip lasts 1h, 45min (to the port in Corfu Town) or 1h, 30 min (to Lefkimmi).

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