Be chic…

Go shopping!

Go shopping now and get all the accessories to be the hippest in town…

Corfu City’s historic centre was built in 1550 by Venetians. Is an important town of 35, 000 inhabitants which is why one can find all kind of shops like in all the big towns. The town has a labyrinth of narrow streets and has shops for everyone. Loose your way and enjoy!

Shops in Corfu are very diverse and numerous. Many of those shops are selling leather goods, clothes, handmade needlework, jewellery, local ceramics and olive wood objects, local products , gifts and souvenirs, as well as various other touristy items; those touristy shops are opened all day long until late in the night, every day in the week, during the summer season.

There are many Super Markets providing all those goods you need, from food to small furniture. The Super Markets are located at the perimeter outside the town, although you will be able to find branches in the Old Town.

The other shops are opened six days a week until 9 pm with a break between 2 pm and 5 pm and, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday they are open from 9 am to 3 pm. Don’t forget to visit two shops that have really good prices. One it’s called: ”Ftohomana” and it’s opposite the Ionian university.Also have a look in the narrow streets around Agios Spiridon Church, and especially in the Fillelinon Street.

Shopping tips

Shopping can be a pleasure or a chore. However you look at it, use these five tips to be an effective and organized shopper.

Colour: Call it silver, call it red, and call it pink… but never grey or black. Corfu sun always warms up these colours!
Dress well. In order to spend less and buy wisely, dress up in comfortable clothes. It’s the same concept as going to the grocery store on a full stomach.
Shop with a plan. Know exactly what you need and how much you can spend. Write it down. Create a budget.
Keep an ongoing list of clothing needs and souvenirs for family and friends. Be specific. Take the list with you when you shop.
Before making a purchase ask yourself, “Does this match my wardrobe in terms of colour, style and price? Is this on my needs list? How versatile is this piece? How many ways can I wear it?”
Negotiate before buy something. In many cases you will be surprised for the better price you will get!

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